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For as long as I can remember I have been mediating between those I love.  I often heard two separate arguments disguised as a discussion. As I grew older I realized the most basic skill we learn earliest in our life, communication, is often why relationships fail and resentments breed. Whether it is interaction with peers, superiors, professionals, consumers, friends, or family, it is reliant on communication. Understanding the motivating factors contributing to how we do it, why we do it and why so many of us are so poor at doing it effectively is critical.

Throughout my career, I have experienced multiple aspects of psychology: a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, working in a neuroscience laboratory, a Master of Arts degree in Forensic & Counseling Psychology, working with troubled youth within the Department of Youth Services and providing mental health services within a medium security prison. 

The programs and workshops offered are skills-based sessions and are purely educational. These services are not therapy. Whether you are looking to resolve conflict, manage your anger, communicate more effectively or any of the other services available, A Steady Space is here to help facilitate. Much of our lives are spent in chaos, feeling lost and unsure. I began A Steady Space in order to create a space where we may work together to ensure you communicate effectively with those around you. My motivation here is basically this: to allow our time to build your secure space--to find your balance, get "steady" and inherit the skills necessary to cultivate the most effective version of yourself. 

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Anger is one of our most primal experiences but if not controlled, or understood, can lead to detrimental consequences. Anger has gotten a bad reputation as a destructive...
Anger Management
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